We’ve Got Your 6 – Veteran Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

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Bucket Ball – Mcloughlin
Keg Rolling – Bryan
Hammerschlagen- UVC Soccer
Pretzel Eating – UVC Soccer
Stein Hold- Schorel- time 8 min 10 seconds
Stein Race – Schorel

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Tournament Games Video Tutorials: We do not hold any rights to these videos and have borrowed them all from YouTube for demonstration purposes.

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Dry Camping Spots in Winston

4 Square Church: Contact Jerry Smart @ 541-580-3846 for reservations
Winston Veterans of Foreign War: contact Denny Hallisen @ 925-766-8104 for reservations

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The After Party


Event Coordinator Katie Starkel can be reached at the city of winston by Phone: 541-679-5561 or E-Mail: katie.starkel@cityofwinston.org