Legal Notices


The Winston City Council will be conducting a public hearing on June 20, 2022 at 7 pm in the Grand Room at the Winston Community Center, 440 SE Grape Ave. The purpose of the hearing is to hear testimony concerning the City’s proposal to annex several properties into the city limits. These “island” properties are located within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary and are surrounded by the corporate boundaries of the City.  Pursuant to the provisions of ORS 222.750, the City is initiating the process to annex these “island” properties in order to facilitate the continuity of services to the affected areas.  The Winston Planning Commission previously held a hearing on March 28, 2022 and April 11, 2022 (Continuance), as a recommending body, and the matter was forwarded with a recommendation of approval. Winston City Council will hold a hearing on the matter and review the recommendation from the Planning Commission prior to making a decision.


The City of Winston will hold a rescheduled public hearing on June 8th at 7pm – Winston City Hall 201 NW Douglas Blvd. The purpose for the hearing is to hear testimony regarding the MICHAEL K MILLER TRUST request for a Land Partition to divide an existing 0.99± acre unit of land into three parcels: Parcel 1 being 0.22± acres, Parcel 2 being 0.20± acres and Parcel 3 being 0.58± acres, together with the full annexation of the property inside the City limits of Winston. Planning Department File No. 21-W020.